Oilfield Solutions


Cost effective nano-molecule surfactant used for hydraulic frac fluid applications that utilizes technology never used in oil and gas before.


A new, improved thermal cement blend for long term well integrity that shows improved initial compressive strength development over conventional thermal 40 blends.

Bio Acid

A non-volatile, slow reacting and safe to handle and transport, alternative to traditional hydrochloric or organic acids.

Chemically Active Proppant (CAP) Chemistry

ChemTerra has developed new technology utilizing the proppant as a chemical delivery system for stimulation treatments.

Industrial Solutions


An environmentally friendly, longterm road dust suppression technology that will control dust while promoting water drainage, reducing road maintenance costs.


Cost effective, easy to apply, sand coating that reduces airborne dust from the transporting and handling of fracturing sand.

Soil Stabilization

Unique and innovative soil stabilization and erosion control product that prevents water damage to driveways, walkways, dirt roads and other soil based areas in both commercial and industrial applications.

Laboratory Services