In unconventional oil and gas completions where fracturing is essential to exploit resources, surfactants can play a critical role in productivity, fluid recovery, and production economics. The COREsurf  suite of products are low cost nano-surfactants primarily composed of a patent pending unique multi-functionalized surface active molecule designed to mimic the behavior of microemulsions (ME’s), encapsulate other functional surfactants and prevent adsorption to transport a combination of customized surfactants further into the fracture network and formation matrix.  The CoreSurf surfactants  increase the total recovery through exceptional interfacial tension reduction and hydrocarbon displacement.

The CORESurf product line has been specifically designed for performance in Texas oilfields and are field proven premium surfactants that can outperform most premium surfactant offerings (such as microemulsion surfactants) without the need of a complex package of surfactants and solvents to stabilize the microemulsion.


  • Superior ability to lower interfacial surface tension
  • Significantly lowers water saturation near the frac face increasing hydrocarbon recovery
  • Water solutable, nano-molecule which penetrates deeper into formation
  • Encourages spontaneous imbibition of frac fluid which increases oil and condensate production from tight rock

Please refer to the brochure for full details.

COREsurf Brochure