CoreVis-5 is a slurried, anionic, salt tolerant high viscosity friction reducer capable of producing exceptional viscosity and friction reduction regardless of water quality. At low concentrations such as 0.25-1 GPT, the result is a reduction in friction pressure during hydraulic fracturing operations. When pumped at higher concentrations, CoreVis-5 creates greater viscosity compared to conventional friction reducers which can improve proppant transport by yielding a proppant pack with higher conductivity. When compared to conventional guar based linear and cross-linked fluids, CoreVis-5 uses fewer chemicals, simplifies logistics, reduces equipment on location, and allows on-the-fly flexibility. As a result, solutions are optimized to execute a variety of jobs.


  • Creates higher viscosity than industry standard high viscosity FR’s while promoting superior sand suspension
  • Salt tolerant to greater than 200,000 TDS, monovalent and divalent ions
  • Allows increased flow rates at lower treating pressures, reducing friction pressure by more than 70%
  • Instantly disperses and hydrates in all types of water including recycled frac water and/or produced waters
  • Degradable with oxidizers
  • Effective at low concentrations

Please refer to the brochure for full details.

CoreVis-5 Brochure