TerraGuard is a “new to industry” molecule that offers multi-functionality to a single molecule allowing it to outperform most other clay controls. Conventional rock contains swelling clays such as smectite and migrating clays like illite/montmorillonite and kaolinite.  TerraGuard-1 is a liquid clay control product designed to reduce clay swelling as well as fines migration. It is non- surface active, and therefore does not adversely affect formation wettability. TerraGuard-1  can be used in fresh and brine water.

In unconventional rock (shales), matrix damage from clay swelling and fines migration is not as common but physical changes to the formation that occur during hydraulic fracturing and drilling processes can lead to surface softening that can lead to proppant embedment. This embedment reduces  proppant pack conductivity and potentially well performance. Using a clay control product like TerraGuard can minimize  this surface effect and ensures continued optimized well performance.


  • Mild ionic charge renders TerraGuard -1 non-reactive with common fracturing additives
  • Low toxicity and user friendly
  • Effective on all types of swelling and migrating clays and shales
  • Can act as a permanent clay stabilizer in addition to preventing clay swelling
  • Cost-effective alternative to KCl
  • Can be run continuously throughout the treatment rather than batch mixed if desired
  • No effect on formation wettability
  • Typically run at 1-2 GPT

TerraGuard Brochure