TSI-1 (TerraScale Inhibitor) is a general purpose cost effective scale inhibitor designed to prevent the formation of scale due to incompatibilities between water sources, formation brines, and varying stimulation fluid chemistry.  Primarily, TSI-1 will effectively inhibit the formation of barium Sulfate (BaSO4), Calcium Sulfate (CaSO4) and Calcium Carbonate (CaSO3) scales.

TSI has a very low minimum inhibitor concentration (MIC) threshold, is thermally stable, and demonstrates a high stability in concentrated brines and produced waters, as well as compatible with a wide range of fracturing fluids, such as slick water and crosslinked fluid systems.


  • Chemically stable at elevated temperatures up to
    180°C (356°F)
  • Compatible with most anionic stimulation fluids
  • Residuals can be easily monitored at flowback and/or
    in produced water
  • Does not affect the friction reduction properties of
    anionic friction reducers
  • Stable scale inhibitor in the presence of oxidizers such
    as chlorine and bleach
  • Environmentally friendly product

TerraScale Inhibitor Brochure