Airborne dust, specifically crystalline silica, is a well-known hazard. With extended exposure, workers risk the development of chronic health conditions such as silicosis.  Occupational health and safety limits have been set at 0.025 to 0.05mg/m³ (depending on the jurisdiction). High rate, high volume hydraulic fracturing treatments can cause the levels of airborne crystalline silica to be well in excess of these limits, especially near sand transfer points.  CleanPropTM can be used as a dust mitigation strategy alone or in conjunction with engineered controls such as vacuum collection units to reduce the levels of total dust generated including crystalline silica.

CleanProp is non-toxic and chemically inert rendering the resulting coated proppant safe to handle and compatible with all other chemicals used in a fracturing fluid system.  Additional advantages to using CleanProp when compared to untreated, natural sand include increased sand compressive strength, reduced equipment abrasion and increased in proppant conductivity.  Reducing the amount of airborne dust may offer additional benefits to equipment on location by preventing damage to electronics and engines.


  • Easy to apply, cost-effective permanent coating
  • Decreases silica dust during transport, handling and pumping operations
  • Protects personnel from excessive dust exposure.

Please refer to the brochure for full details.

CleanProp Brochure

Before CleanProp

After CleanProp