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PROPdrift is an effective proppant transport modifier (PTM) that is used to improve the proppant placement in slick water hydraulic fracturing, and also provides other economic benefits to the overall stimulation process. The PROPdrift product absorbs onto the surface of the proppant, resulting in an airphilic coating that attracts gas bubbles (air, N2, CO2) onto its surface to help fluidize the proppant. These gas bubbles lower the relative density of the proppant which, in turn, increases the proppants buoyancy, creating a fluid system that can transport high concentrations of proppant without depending on viscosity or turbulent flow. This enhanced proppant flow results in better proppant distribution and placement and higher overall fracture conductivity.


• Regain permeability
• Increase crush resistance
• Reduces polymer adsorption

Please refer to the brochure for full details.

PROPdrift Brochure