PROPtrap is a cost-effective proppant consolidation aid (PCA) used to control proppant flow back and which can perform in a wide variety of reservoir conditions making it advantageous to the hydraulic fracturing process. PROPtrap is sprayed onto regular proppant on-the-fly during fracturing operations, usually at the blender, and is then pumped downhole as per the planned treatment design. Following the treatment, the proppant in the formation depends on a physical mechanism rather than chemical bonding to increase proppant pack resistance to flow back. There is no minimum closure stress, temperature, or shut-in time requirements associated with the use of this technology. Furthermore, the coating can be applied to all or select proppant stages, which allows operators to be more flexible in terms of flowback design and production strategy.


  • Increase proppant consolidation
  • Increase in both permeability and porosity
  • Increases compressive strength of the proppant

Please refer to the brochure for full details.

PROPTrap Brochure