Increasing lateral lengths, stage counts and proppant intensity levels have all contributed to a significant increase in frac sand consumption. As a result, producers are looking for economic solutions to resolve their supply issues, simplify logistics and maintain economics for their frac programs. With emerging plays further away from traditional transloads and rail sites, operators have turned to local solutions to address their frac sand needs.

Frac sand quality is defined by physical characteristics such as compressibility, permeability, and turbidity. ChemTerra’s UPsil™ sand upgrading technology is an economical, easy-to-apply sand coating that enhances the sand’s physical characteristics without affecting its mesh size or visibly modifying the sand surface.


  • Improved physical characteristics when silica sand used in hydraulic fracturing (ISO tested) is chemically treated
  • Fines generation is reduced during transfers and frac closure stress, creating increased conductivity and permeability
  • Increased crush resistance due to modified sand pack sorting
  • Same proppant grain size/sieve distribution as untreated sand
  • Compatible with all fracturing fluid chemistry
  • Reduced dust generation during surface transfers
  • Easy-to-apply at mine site, transload, or wellsite locations

Please refer to the brochure for full details.

UPsil™ Brochure